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Baby Naming Ceremonies

A fun, inclusive, secular alternative ceremony for families who want to welcome a child into the world

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Gather loved ones to celebrate your young family

Many people like the idea of a ceremony to welcome children into the world but doing it in a place of worship doesn't feel right for them. The alternative is a Naming Ceremony which can take place anywhere at any time and often turns into a full-on party! 

Baby, Toddler or Siblings

I write every ceremony from scratch, using your input so we can recognise and celebrate your child's unique personality and your hopes and dreams for their future.

I can create the ceremony for tiddlies to biggies and ensure they have as much or as little participation as they'd enjoy.

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Fairy Parents, Guides, Sparents, or good ol' fashioned Godparents

Just like traditional ceremonies, we can have as many appointed guardians as you like and share with family & friends which qualities you chose them for (and what you may not want them to teach your kids!).

Want to bounce some ideas around?

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