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Farewell Funeral Ceremonies: Celebrating our Beloved Pets

As a lifelong pet lover, I've had the privilege of sharing my life with numerous furry companions, each leaving an indelible paw print on my heart.

And so I extend my hand in empathy to anyone who's navigating the challenging journey of bidding farewell to their cherished animal companions. Here at All Your Love, I offer a heartfelt service dedicated to honouring the lives of your beloved pet through tailored ceremonies filled with love, respect and the joy they brought into your life.

Pet Urn

Ash Honouring Ceremonies

Imagine a tranquil setting, adorned with cherished photographs, favourite toys, and comforting blankets alongside your pet's ashes, where we gather to honour the memory of your beloved pet. In Ash Honouring ceremonies, we create a loving space to celebrate the unique bond shared between pet and owner.


Recently, I had the privilege of conducting a ceremony for a cherished cat named Pyjama (full name: PJ McFluffy Trousers). With the gentle rustle of leaves as our backdrop, we reminisced about PJ's playful antics, interesting 'gift' choices and his favourite lap positions.


Ash Scattering Ceremonies

For many pet owners, the garden or a particular outdoor spot holds special significance in their furry friend's life. In Ash Scattering ceremonies, we pay homage to these cherished memories by scattering their ashes in these poignant places.

I fondly recall a ceremony where we bid farewell to Bob, a loyal canine companion whose joyous spirit lives on in the waters of his favourite swimming spot, know to him as 'Throw-the-Ball-Lake'. As we held his prized squeaky duck and his smartest going-out bandana, Bob's memory dances among the ripples, forever etched in our hearts.


Ash or Body Burial

In moments of grief, finding solace in a final resting place brings a sense of closure and peace. Whether it be a tranquil garden corner, a countryside landscape or to become one with a newly planted tree, the option of Ash or Body Burial* provides a special place to go to and remember our furry friends.


Eternal Remembrance

Working in collaboration with the talented Danielle from Eternally Close, she offers families the opportunity to preserve a tangible token of their beloved pet's memory. Danielle's exquisite memorial jewellery, such as the Sterling Silver Paw Ring, allows families to keep a small amount of their pet's ashes or fur close to their hearts, symbolising an eternal bond that transcends time. As fellow pet lovers, Danielle and I share a deep-seated commitment to honouring the lives of our furry companions with compassion, empathy, and respect.


The Importance of Ceremony


Much like human direct cremation (also known as unattended cremations), families need closure: a moment to come together in their grief, share memories, and metaphorically and literally hold hands. A ceremony allows this to happen and starts the healing process. It provides a space for reflection, honouring, and remembering the cherished moments shared with our furry family member.


Let’s Talk About Your 4-Legged Loved One


If you’d like to talk about how we can give your pet a perfect send-off, give me a call or use the contact form, and let’s talk it through.

*It's important to note that burial of bodies or ashes necessitates the landowner's permission, ensuring that our farewell is conducted with the utmost respect and reverence

Dog & Cat Pals

Leaving Paw Prints
- a short poem to our darling departed pets

In memory's garden, where paw prints roam,

Our furry friends find their eternal home.

With whiskers twitching and tails a-wag,

They leave behind a cherished tag.

Through sunny days and moonlit nights,

They filled our lives with love and light.

With purrs and barks, they stole our hearts,

Leaving paw prints on every part.

Though now they've crossed the rainbow's bridge,

Their memory dances by the fridge.

In dreams they frolic, tails held high,

Beneath the vast and starry sky.

So here's to our pets, forever dear,

Their absence felt, their love sincere.

With wagging tails and gentle purrs,

They'll always be our cherished furs.

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