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From 'I Will' to 'I Still Do': The Beauty of Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Updated: Feb 21

Picture this: you're standing on the shores of a tranquil lake, surrounded by the whispers of nature and bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. Now, imagine holding the hand of the one you vowed to love for a lifetime - again. Vow Renewal Ceremonies, a celebration of enduring love, go beyond the traditional 'I Do' and into the realm of heartfelt promises revisited. If you've journeyed through the decades of marriage, this blog is your invitation to explore the magic and meaning behind renewing your vows - your way.

The Limited Choices of Traditional Ceremonies

Defying Convention: Your Vows, Your Way

Have you been married more than 20 years or so?

Chances are then that you got married in a church or at a Registry Office.

Cast your mind back – did you get to choose the lifelong promises you made to each other?

Were you able to influence the length of the ceremony, whether it was inside or outside, the day of the week or the time of the day?

Did you get to determine the content of the ceremony or draw on your heritage and backgrounds?

That’s a big old NO, right?

Maturity, Challenges, and the Ongoing Love Story

Through the Years: A Journey of Love and Growth

And since then, what’s changed for you both?

Homes, families, children, pets, careers, experiences, travel are sure to be on your list.

You’ve both matured; ebbed and flowed through life’s challenges and highlights and by jiminy, here you both are, all these years later, still standing, holding hands and in love (although you’ve probably made ‘that’ joke more than once that you ‘would have been out by now…’).

Celebrating Resilience: The Vow Renewal Solution

According to NimbleFins’ report, 36.5% of marriages don’t make it past 20 years, so it really is something to be celebrated if you’ve weathered the storm together. And the perfect way to do so is a Vow Renewal Ceremony. Here’s reasons why it’s an utterly brilliant idea:

1. Vows – you can promise each other what you choose to say, and even throw in a bit of humour if it feels right

2. Venue – you’re not restricted by registered places, it can be anywhere you like: beach, woods, lakeside, garden, stables, home, village hall, hotel, boat, even a swimming pool!

3. Time & Day – the ceremony can be on any day and at any time. Think sunrise over a river on New Year’s Day, a canopy of stars over a paddock on Midsummer’s Eve, or a midday ceremony followed by a huge Sunday Lunch for everyone

4. Guest List – you own it! No having to invite Great Aunt Agatha, standing on ceremony because Godfather Herbert doesn’t approve of Uncle Bert’s choice of company. No, this is you two surrounding yourselves with the people you really love and care about

5. Kids & Pets – along the years you’ve probably acquired both. Get them involved. Have your daughter as your Best Woman, your grandchildren to accompany you both down the aisle and the dog to be the Ring Bearer

6. Relaxed Atmosphere – this isn’t like the first time. Of course, you can dress-up, have elements of formality and solemnity, but there’s no rules, no ‘must-have’ or ‘must-not’ here; just a ceremony that feels right for you both which celebrates your love and achievements since your first, ‘I Do’

7. Your Ceremony, Your Way – what elements go into your service is entirely up to you. You can include a mini-ceremony, a commemorative certificate signing, readings, poems, songs – whatever feels right for you to celebrate your Vow Renewal service

Ready to celebrate your enduring love with a vow renewal ceremony?

Whether you're in the early stages of considering it or already envisioning the details, I'm here for you.

Let's put some time in the diaries and have a chat about creating a ceremony that reflects the beautiful journey you and your partner have shared...and are still on.

I’m looking forward to being a part of your continued love story.

With love,

Claire x

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