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Unlocking Your Wedding Wish List: Celebrant-Led Weddings Offer More for Less

Ready to break free from wedding tradition and unleash your creativity? Get ready to discover the secret to saving big on venue costs and splurging on your dream wedding wish list!

Want to know how to slash your wedding venue expenses without sacrificing your dream day? Buckle up, because I'm about to show you how to transform savings into wish list wonders!

Research conducted by WeddingWire UK shows insights into the cost disparities between licensed (that is, spaces where you can legally marry) and unlicensed wedding venues in the UK.

While exact figures may vary, their data reveals that venues with licensed spaces for registrar-led ceremonies often command higher prices, with couples potentially paying an average of 20% more compared to venues without such licenses! It’s simple economics that when demand outstrips supply - compounded by registrars having strict working hours - premium wedding days come at a cost, and that cost comes out of your wedding budget.

Now, imagine your own spreadsheet and magically adding up to 20% to it – then moving some items from the ‘Wish List’ column to the ‘It’s Happening’ list.

How fab would that be?!

So now you can stretch your wedding budget without sacrificing on the style, vibe or unique moments you’ve been secretly planning.

Let’s pause for just a second thought, as it's important to know that while celebrant-led weddings do not currently* have legal standing, couples can easily formalise their marriage by completing the legal requirements at their local registrar's office; in fact, this is already common practice in Europe. Just like births and deaths which we don’t register on the day, there’s no need to register a marriage on the day either.

Last year, all but one of my couples took this approach, with one exception - they felt that their celebrant-led wedding with me was all they needed to consider themselves married. For them, exchanging lifelong promises in front of their loved ones was all that was needed to commit themselves to each other for life.

Now, let's talk about how you can make the most of your wedding budget savings from using an unlicensed venue. With the extra funds you'll save, you can indulge in all the lovely extras that may have been out of reach before.

Consider upgrading your flowers, booking that hair & make-up specialist, having a photographer and a videographer or going crazy with the cake layers. Or perhaps adding special extra touches like a live band as well as a DJ at the party, a string quartet heralding your arrival down the aisle or a soft play area for the littlest of guests. Or maybe some fun extras like a photo booth or close-hand magician to make your wedding utterly unique and unforgettable. The possibilities are endless when you have more flexibility with your budget.

Rounding up, celebrant-led weddings offer couples the freedom to create a bespoke ceremony that reflects their love story without the constraints of licensed venues and the strict laws that come with having a registrar present.

Ready to embark on your journey to a celebrant-led wedding with all of those unique and individual touches you’ve dreamed of? Start the conversation with me today by phone, WhatsApp or the contact form. I’ll give you some great venue recommendations and we can start planning the (affordable!) wedding of your dreams.

It’s about All Your Love.

Claire x

New options

If permitted by Government to conduct weddings, independent officiants (that is, officiants who are not registration officers and are not affiliated to a religious or non-religious belief organisation) will be able to conduct civil weddings.

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