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Out of the Ashes...

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

When I said I was going on a tour of my local crematorium, I received some very puzzled looks. That was until I explained that as a Professional Funeral Celebrant,

I wanted to be able to comfort and assure my grieving families, with my first-hand experience and knowledge, about the journey their loved one will be taking.

Read on to find out more about the roles, processes, and bespoke options of a Celebrant lead cremation.


A truly professional Celebrant will meet with you before the funeral service and really get to know the person you've recently lost; then take that knowledge and craft a beautiful, bespoke, personal service - including a poignant Eulogy - creating a real Celebration of Life.

They will work closely with your chosen Funeral Director and together they'll ensure the whole service runs smoothly and to your specifications.

Both the Celebrant and Funeral Director will have a strong working relationship with the Chapel Attendant and will check that all the details, such as music, orders of service, readers and flowers are in order.


In the UK, there are strict laws around the proper procedures of handling the deceased which can result in a prison sentence if not adhered to. At my local crematorium, I was shown the management system that ensures your loved one is checked - and double-checked so no mistakes are made from their arrival in the hearse to the collection of their ashes. I have seen the dignity and professionalism of the crematorium staff and greatly admire their work.

As to the running of the service, this is down to your Celebrant to manage and deliver the introduction, readings, music, eulogy and closing, so it is critical to choose a celebrant who understands your needs and that of the person who you'll be honouring.

Bespoke Options

Through every element of the service, your Celebrant will support you and make suggestions if you'd like. Whilst it's traditional to have the full service at the crematorium or graveside, it's entirely up to you if you'd like a mini-ceremony - such as a candle lighting - worked into the service. You may even consider a shorter service at the crematorium and then an open-air gathering at a place that was important to your loved one. Consider a lake, woodland, allotment or sports ground where they were at their happiest as a venue. If you want it, we'll do it.

Ask me

At such a challenging time, everyone's grief is different and everyone has worries they want answers to. Ask me. I'll either know the answer or I'll know someone who does. If you've got an idea and think it's silly, chances are I'll think it's great. I'll never tell you I know what you're feeling. I don't. Because everyone's grief is unique. But I will be able to empathise and I will be able to work with you to give your loved one a fitting, bespoke, personalised celebration of their life.

Claire Vickery

Professional Celebrant

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